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Shoegaze. Stefano Serretta
Shoegaze. Stefano Serrettato 13 jun 2019 → fr 27 sep 2019

The Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm, in partnership with Konstfack, will present Shoegaze, a new commission by Stefano Serretta. The project curated by Vasco Forconi is the second chapter of a series of exhibitions that will see Sweden and Italy-based artists interact with the building designed by Gio Ponti. The...

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FORNASETTI Inside Out Outside In
FORNASETTI Inside Out Outside Infr 14 jun 2019 → sö 26 jan 2020

In 2019, Artipelag is putting the spotlight on the numerous works of the Italian artist and designer Piero Fornasetti (1913–1988) by displaying paintings, drawings, graphic design, furniture and other design artefacts, as well as spatial installations. The show will be the first exhibition in Sweden to encompass Fornasetti...

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Festival O/MODƏRNT - Dreams of India
Festival O/MODƏRNT - Dreams of Indiasö 16 jun 2019

Festival O/MODƏRNT (meaning 'Un/Modern' in Swedish) celebrates a “looking back” to the past by exploring the relationships between the work of old composers and the artistic and intellectual creations of modern culture, be it in music, art, dance, theatre, film, poetry, literature, academia and so forth. E...

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Artist-in-residence: Over her eyes by Simone Sapienza
Artist-in-residence: "Over her eyes" by Simone Sapienzaon 19 jun 2019 → on 26 jun 2019

"Over her eyes" is a proposal project by the Italian visual artist Simone Sapienza about the meaning of the worship of Saint Lucia in Stockholm. The project aims to depict this traditional worship via the photographic medium and the use of archives. Moreover, the project will be a metaphorical celebration of the light as...

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Noema - Club dei lettori dell’IIC
"Noema" - Club dei lettori dell’IICon 18 sep 2019 → on 20 nov 2019

Gruppen ”Club dei lettori dell’IIC” träffas för att samtala över några böcker. Initiativet är kostnadsfritt. För mer information och registrering skicka ett e-mail till   Den 18:e september kl. 17:30 - "La primavera del lupo" av Andrea Molesin...

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Italians gesture more than Swedes: between myth and reality!
Italians gesture more than Swedes: between myth and reality!on 9 okt 2019

It is a popular belief that there are cultural differences in the type and the amount of gestures that people do when they speak. For example, Italians are proverbially known for gesturing a lot. In contrast, Swedes are described as being less prone to use bodily movements. In this talk Maria Graziano will present her recent...

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Teatro Patologico - We are not alone
Teatro Patologico - We are not aloneti 15 okt 2019

"Tutti non ci sono - We are not alone" is a Teatro Patologico production written, directed and performed in English by Dario D’Ambrosi. First presented at La MaMa in 1980, this seminal play about a psychiatric inmate victimized by neglect in the outside world was written as a reaction to the Italian Mental He...

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Suono Italiano 2019 - Paolo Restani piano concert
Suono Italiano 2019 - Paolo Restani piano concertti 22 okt 2019

Concert by the Italian pianist Paolo Restani as part of the project Suono Italiano 2019, a collaboration between the Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm and CIDIM - Comitato Nazionale Italiano Musica, with the support of the Italian "Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali - Direzione Generale per lo Spettacolo". ...

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Leonardo da Vinci as a Sculptor: the Virgin with the Laughing Child in London
Leonardo da Vinci as a Sculptor: the Virgin with the Laughing Child in Londonmå 25 nov 2019

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci (Amboise,2 May 1519) The Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm is pleased to host the conference "Leonardo da Vinci as a Sculptor: the Virgin with the Laughing Child in London" held by Francesco Caglioti, Professor of History of Medieval Art at...

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