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International Prize "The Naked Theatre" by Teresa Pomodoro


International Prize

International Prize
“The Naked Theatre” by Teresa Pomodoro
XIII EDITION, 2021-2022

NO’HMA Association and the Township of Milan presents the XIII edition of the International Prize “The Naked Theatre” by Teresa Pomodoro.

“The Naked Theatre” is a theatre that goes down in the meanings, in the exploration of human and society he has created.
The Prize aims to restore to the theatre its value of experience, growth and sharing, open to all individuals regardless their age, background, gender or geographical provenance.

The Prize is dedicated to the memory of Teresa Pomodoro, who first conceived and gave life to the idea of a theatre open to all artistic cross-overs and particularly, it puts at the center of its own artistic expression its ethical, cathartic and mimetic function.

In this way NO’HMA celebrates the originality of Teresa Pomodoro’s suggestion, to discover all around the World what it means to represent on the stage issues ordinarily left out: it’s a theatre that gives voice to exclusion, social degradation, suburbs and to the lack of communication between individuals. Taking its cue from Teresa Pomodoro’s Meta-Theatre, NO’HMA seeks out and promotes experiences speaking out for life, overcoming prejudice and cultural barriers. Inclusion means welcoming the other through a theatre which goes beyond, searching for the deep meaning of dignity and humanity.

For Spazio Teatro No’hma, the institution of the Prize is added to the already versatile activity that the Theatre has carried out since its inception, becoming its “heart”.

For the Township of Milan, it represents a further enrichment of its policy aimed to support and promote the city’s theatrical awards adding value to a well-established reality that makes Milan the country’s capital of the performing arts.

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The regulation is available here