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Stockholm Film Festival - Isabella Rossellini: Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award



Stockholm Film Festival - Isabella Rossellini: Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award

Golden Globe Award-winning Isabella Rossellini, daughter of Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman and Italian film director Roberto Rossellini, became one of the film world's most prominent names for her role in the, nowadays, cult film Blue Velvet by David Lynch from 1986. In 2020, the Italian-American actress, director, author and the former photo model is honored with the Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award – the world's heaviest film award. Isabella Rossellini will participate in an exclusive Face2Face during the 31st edition of Stockholm International Film Festival later in November. 

Motivation: Isabella Rossellini has embraced the art of cinema with an impressive lust, apatite and innovation. Starting with several moving and rich depicted female portraits, and later as an original creator, where the limits of her creative imagination seem to have been infinite. It is with a great honor we present the Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award 2020 to the brilliant film icon Isabella Rossellini. 


Isabella Rossellini has appeared in several major films such as David Lynch's Blue Velvet (1986) and Wild at Heart (1990) as well as Robert Zemecki's Death Becomes Her (1992), in which she has gained international attention for her role performances. At this year's film festival, she appears as herself in the documentary Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful – a fascinating film that takes a deep dive into the provocative photographer's work, where the women who often portrayed his photos, talk about him. 

The Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to a person active in film whose life's work deserves to be illuminated and honored. The prestigious prize, the 7.3 kilogram Bronshästen (Bronze Horse) – the world's heaviest film prize – is a paraphrase of the Swedish Dalecarlian horse and was created by Swedish designer Fredrik Swärd. The prize has previously been awarded greats names within the film industry such as Claire Denis, Susan Sarandon, David Cronenberg, Lauren Bacall, David Lynch, Mike Leigh and Francis Ford Coppola.


Data: DA on 11 nov 2020 a sö 22 nov 2020

Tid: Från 17:00 till 23:59

Arrangeras av : Stockholms Filmfestival

I samarbete med : Istituto Italiano di Cultura Stoccolma, Ambasciata

Inträde : avgift