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Le acrobate, Giorni sospesi al tempo del Covid-19 - Stoccolma 2020 - Ramona Iurato



Le acrobate, Giorni sospesi al tempo del Covid-19 - Stoccolma 2020 - Ramona Iurato

The graphic project "Le acrobate, Giorni sospesi al tempo del Covid-19 – Stoccolma 2020" ("The acrobats, Suspended days in Covid-19 time – Stockholm 2020") by Ramona Iurato aims at telling the reality of this particular and strange period from a female perspective.

Ten illustrations show how women live – and sometimes survive – during a global pandemic by exploring the female universe and its new challenges.

What are women's thoughts, desires, anxieties and fears when the world stops?

Women who are concerned, yet resilient. 

Women who work remotely and often find themselves even busier, as they need to attend to their children at the same time.

Women who live their own motherhood caught between canceled visits and necessary checks.

Women who do not live in a safe home and are often victims of violence.

Women who are able to broaden the boundaries of their homes thanks to imagination and create a revolution outside and inside their own houses. 

In these illustrations, the female world is depicted with intense and vibrant colors from the artist's point of view.

From May 27th to June 17th, a new illustration by Ramona Iurato will be published on the Institute's Facebook and Instagram profiles every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Ramona Iurato is an Italian illustrator and graphic artist. Lives and works in Milan. She collaborates with national and international brands, publishing houses, private companies and communication and marketing agencies. The degree in Decoration and the specialization in Engraving formed her style. An essential and immediate art, capable of communicating everything with extreme force and clarity. A lively and colorful style, characterized by simplification and clean lines, which fits perfectly with the modern contemporary communication.


Data: DA on 27 maj 2020 a on 17 jun 2020

Arrangeras av : Istituto Italiano di Cultura Stoccolma

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