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VALUES IN PROGRESS - Giovanni Vale: Extinguished Countries



VALUES IN PROGRESS - Giovanni Vale: Extinguished Countries

Values in progress is a social campaign conceived and created by the Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm, through which writers, journalists, artists, designers, architects, curators, intellectuals and others are invited to tell about these days, each one in her/his own way and using her/his own "tools" and language.


The journalist and travel writer Giovanni Vale has accepted to join our social campaign by presenting the "Estinguished Countries" project, addressing a theme that today is more relevant and crucial than ever: the world and its borders. 

Extinguished Countries is the first guidebook series to countries that no longer exist. It doesn't follow today’s borders but take you on a journey through time and space to lost kingdoms, republics and empires, looking for what unites us rather than divides us. It's a time machine for travellers! The first guidebook is about the Republic of Venice but many others will follow (Austro-Hungarian Empire, Ottoman Empire...).

The world as we know it today has changed many times throughout history. Take an old map from 100 or 200 years ago and try to point to some of your familiar places. Found yourself in trouble? Maybe they have a new name, or they're divided by a border that today no longer exists. That's the evolution of history: the state we live in succeeded an ancestor from the past, the language we speak has long and intricate roots, and even our identity is a combination of diverse influences. Extinguished Countries dives into all this!


If you want to know more about their campaign, visit this page here

If you want to discover the video that Giovanni Vale realized for our Institute, please visit our Facebook page (here) or our Instagram profile (here). 


Giovanni Vale is an Italian professional journalist. It covers the Balkans for various European newspapers (Libération, Il Piccolo, Sette, RFI ...). He is also the author of eight tour guides for the Italian Touring Club, Gallimard and Le Petit Futé. From this experience, he launched Extinguished Countries, the first series of guides dedicated to states that no longer exist.


Data: DA on 18 mar 2020 a fr 3 apr 2020

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