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VALORI IN CORSO - Chiara Indelicato: Chiarantena



VALORI IN CORSO - Chiara Indelicato: Chiarantena

Wherever you are in the world during this historical moment, there is a word, a concept, which unites all of us: isolation.

Wherever you are in the world, this word, this concept, make all of us a community.

This is the value that we would like to celebrate for our column "Values in progress", through the story of an Italian girl in Paris, Chiara Indelicato. A daily story made by words and photos that aims at feeling a little less alone and more as a part of something bigger through the sharing of the same isolated and intimate condition.

This is how Chiara describes herself: "An Italian girl in Paris, my 42m² are an integral part of another country, mine. I use sun and garlic cloves, mint closed to the window and all my travels that become poetries. I paint the wall using photographs that turn into fragments of sunny dreams".



Chiarantena - The daily stories from the quarantine of an Italian girl in Paris
by Chiara Indelicato




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On the last day of our so-called freedom even the roads were free.
I walked for hours and hours and I got on the other side of Paris. I walked 22 km.
I reached China, I was a tourist for a day and I amused myself crossing the streets in order to have the sunshine on me, to make my eyes bright in tears, sun-tears.

I have seen magnolias in bloom and witnessed the peace of those who work under a tree hoping for a snow made of petals.
I have seen the world dressed in pink.
Freedom had always existed, even before we temporarily lost the liberty of wandering.



Day 2


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Along with the sun, the calm arrived. The shops were to remain closed. The city shifted into a version of Paris that only exists on Sunday morning before 11 am.
You know, Paris likes to sleep in.


Data: DA on 25 mar 2020 a ti 14 apr 2020

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