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MY Italian Institute



MY Italian Institute

The Italian Cultural Institute in Stockholm presents MY Italian Institute, a new project dedicated to recall your collective memory about our Institute.
We would like to do it through the stories of those who have attended the Institute in the past 62 years, along with the testimony of manufacturing legacy of the objects designed by Gio Ponti.

MY Italian Institute is meant to offer a fresh interpretation of our beloved Institute, telling how it is perceived when it becomes part of your life. The project aims to form a new, ever-growing archive consisting of stories, objects and photographs by our guests and long-time friends. Through this initiative the Institute invites all of you to become part of the narrative itself by telling his or her story and very personal relationship with our Institute.

How does it work?
- Do you own an object designed by Gio Ponti?
- Do you own any object, piece of correspondence or photograph taken here at our Institute or somehow linked to it and its important personalities such as Ferruccio Rossetti, Pier Luigi Nervi and Carlo Maurilio Lerici?
- Do you have a very short or personal anecdote that has to do with our beloved Institute and its people?

Great! What can you do?
- You can send a short text of about 500 characters (including space) either in Italian, Swedish or English;
- You can send a photograph of an object or a copy of any note or letter in their possession along with a brief description;
- You can send a short video no longer than 30 seconds either in Italian, Swedish or English.

After being kept in a drawer for so many years, today these objects can have the opportunity to become the main pieces of a great exhibition that is going to be held on the 24th November 2020 on the occasion of the celebrations for the 62nd anniversary of our Institute.

But it won’t be over just yet, stories and images will constitute an archive in progress, which will be continuously changing and enriching, thanks to those who are going to participate throughout the period in which the exhibition will remain open and even later on. In fact, you will be able to send us photos and stories before, during and after the exhibition.
If you want to participate you have to fill up the attached form and forward it to the following e-mail address:



Data: DA må 23 mar 2020 a ti 24 nov 2020

Tid: Från 12:00 till 21:00

Arrangeras av : IIC Stoccolma

I samarbete med : Folkuniversitetet

Inträde : gratis