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Teatro Patologico - We are not alone



Teatro Patologico - We are not alone

On the occasion of the XIX edition of “Settimana della Lingua Italiana nel Mondo” (21-27 ottobre), which is dedicated to “the Italian Language and the Stage” this year, the Institute presents "Tutti non ci sono - We are not alone". 

"Tutti non ci sono - We are not alone" is a Teatro Patologico production written, directed and performed in English by Dario D’Ambrosi. First presented at La MaMa in 1980, this seminal play about a psychiatric inmate victimized by neglect in the outside world was written as a reaction to the Italian Mental Health Act of 1978, which was the first law to reform the psychiatric system. It is a call for help and understanding instead of indifference and fear.

"Tutti Non Ci Sono" (We Are Not Alone, 1980, 1989) is a solo performance in which an inmate from a psychiatric ward is victimized by neglect in the outside world. The play was written in reaction to an Italian law, passed in 1978, which changed the Italian approach to mental institutions. At that time, inmates released from psychiatric wards had nowhere to turn and became helpless, homeless people living in the streets. Basaglia Law or Law 180 (Legge Basaglia, Legge 180) is the Italian Mental Health Act of 1978 which signified a large reform of the psychiatric system in Italy, contained directives for the closing down of all psychiatric hospitals and led to their gradual replacement with a whole range of community-based services, including settings for acute in-patient care, which can appropriately be called “alternative” to the psychiatric hospitals. Named after the name of its main proponent, Franco Basaglia, an Italian psychiatrist, neurologist, professor, pioneer of the modern concept of mental health, the Law has had worldwide impact as other counties took up widely the Italian model.

Dario D’Ambrosi, founder of the Pathological Theater in Rome is one of the major Italian avanguard artists. The shows of the Pathological Theater investigate the statuses of mental illness by grasping its vital, artistic and creative aspects with the intention of restoring the "dignity of the fool". 

Dario D’Ambrosi, in collaboration with Tor Vergata University in Rome, is the founder of the first Integrated Theatre of Emotion University Course. It’s a research, study and training community, in which teachers, researchers, technical and administrative staff, managers and students, participate fully within the context of their respective expertise, functions and responsibilities. The course of Integrated Theatre of Emotion (presented also at the United Nation in New York and at The European Parlamente in Bruxelles) is organised in the form of a public institution, and is given educational, scientific and organisational autonomy, realising its own research objectives in accordance with constitutional principles. The Integrated Theatre of Emotion course supports and encourages an international dimension in terms of studies and teaching. It promotes higher education in relation to research and exchange between universities with the aim of building new channels of sociality and occupational integration, as well as developing a network of exchange and mobility among teachers and students, in addition to the admission and training of foreign students. It is committed to finally ensuring the right to education, in accordance with the principles of the Constitution, to any person with a disability, to whom this course refers and reserves itself in a project of education and emancipation. Fundamental to its identity, the university course, Integrated Theatre of Emotion promotes a Code of Ethics that conforms with the training programme of the Associazione Teatro Patologico Onlus, from which it derives. Through training courses and University Faculties, this code embodies the inspiration to define a path of growth and intellectual, artistic and scientific development on an international scale, leading towards the integration of people with disabilities and their right to social affirmation.


Performance's language: ENGLISH



Data: ti 15 okt 2019

Tid: Från 18:00 till 20:00

Arrangeras av : Istituto Italiano di Cultura

I samarbete med : Teatro Patologico Associazione

Inträde : gratis


Istituto Italiano di Cultura - Gärdesgatan 14