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Göteborg Book-fair - Saturday, September 28th



Göteborg Book-fair - Saturday, September 28th

Saturday 28th, 10:00-10:45

“Where do I belong?” – 1 (EN)

Teresa returns to Corsica where she spent many thoughtless summers as a child. Now she is a grown-up young lady, pregnant with her first child. In the beautiful Corsican landscape she will understand that her family is very different from what she had always thought. Emma Piazza’s debut novel "L’isola che brucia" ("Huset på Cap Corse") is an outstanding thriller, an intense family saga and a touching coming-of-age novel.

Speaker: Emma Piazza.

Saturday 28th, 11:00-11:45

“Where do I belong?” – 2 (IT/SV)

What happens when a young girl discovers that the family she was raised in is not her biological family? And what happens when she is forced to leave her home for another? How does education and the environment we grow-up in influence our personality? Campiello-winner Donatella di Pietrantonio will talk about displacement and family ties in her critically-acclaimed novel "L’arminuta".

Speakers: Donatella di Pietrantonio and Ida Andersen. In collaboration with Polaris Förlag.


Saturday 28th, 12.00-12.45


Italian Family Ties

Four female writers from Italy, recently published or about to be published in Sweden, will discuss about equality. Each of them has dealt differently with this topic in their novels, often from the point-of-view of young characters: Donatella di Pietrantonio, Campiello winner with "A girl returned", Viola Ardone, who made a big sensation at the last Frankfurt book-fair with "Il treno dei bambini, internationally-acclaimed Silvia Avallone, who is out now with "Where life is perfect" and Emma Piazza, a new voice of the Italian crime scene with "L’isola che brucia". They will talk about family bounds, gender and different social and economic backgrounds.

Speakers: Viola Ardone, Silvia Avallone, Donatella di Pietrantonio, Emma Piazza, Kristina Kappelin. 


Saturday 28th, 13:15-14:00

“Where do I belong?” – 3 (EN)

Straight after World War Two, living conditions in some Italian cities were so critical that children were sent to the countryside or to smaller cities. Little Amerigo grows up in the Quartieri Spagnoli of Naples, but he has to leave his family to travel to Ancona, that will become his new – though temporary – home. "Il treno dei bambini" by Viola Ardone will be released in Italy in September 2019, but it has been already sold to more than 40 countries. An international case at the last Frankfurt Book-fair, this heart-breaking story describes one of the most tragic aftermaths of World War Two.

Speakers: Viola Ardone and Gunilla Sondell (Norstedts förlag).


Saturday 28th, 14.00-14.45


Our Wonderful Friends – The Translators

The global success of Elena Ferrante and the mystery around her identity has drawn attention to the person closest to the author in the process of publication abroad: the translator. In this seminar, the Nordic translators of Elena Ferrante will present their experience with the translation of the Neapolitan quartet. What does it mean to work with the books of an author whose identity is still officially unknown? How did they deal with a language so rich of cultural references related to a specific Italian context and different historical periods?

Brynja Cortes Andrésdóttir (IS), Nina Gross (DK), Helinä Kangas (FI), Johanna Hedenberg (SV) and Kristin Sørsdal (NO) will discuss about the challenges that they faced during their work and the strategies they adopted to overcome them. Moderator: Cecilia Schwartz (Stockholm University).


Saturday 28th, 15:00-15:45

“Where do I belong?” – 4 (IT/SV)

Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives. In her new novel, internationally-acclaimed novelist Silvia Avallone describes different dynamics in modern Italian families. "Da dove la vita è perfetta" ("Där livet är fullkomligt") is a new chapter in the analysis of the Italian society of today, this time from a more intimate perspective, which Avallone started with "Steel" and "Marina Bellezza".

Speakers: Silvia Avallone and Kristina Kappelin (journalist). In collaboration with Natur och Kultur.


Saturday 28th, 16:00-16:45

“Where do I belong?” – 5 (EN)

Lingua Madre is a writing competition created in 2005 by the Italian journalist Daniela Finocchi. It aims at giving the chance to migrant women to present texts related to their lives and experiences. Second-generation writers are also encouraged to participate. Some of the contestants are now established writers on the Italian literary scene.

Speakers: Claudileia Lemes Dias and Leyla Khali. In collaboration with Lingua Madre.


Saturday 28th, 17:00-17:45

“Where do I belong?” – 6 (SV)

Marko T Wramén is a Swedish author, journalist, photographer and artist. He has published eleven books, most of them together with Anna W Thorbjörnsson, including the bestseller "Med tåg genom Europa" (2019). In "Med tåg genom Europa" they depicted ten selected exciting train routes, with tips about how to pack smart, what is neat to bring with you and how to travel safely, but also the best apps to use and which attractions, restaurants and travel shops you can find at the destinations.

Speakers: Marko T Wramén and Anna W Thorbjörnsson. In collaboration with: ENIT – Italienska Turistbyrån.


Data: lö 28 sep 2019

Tid: Från 09:00 till 18:00

Arrangeras av : Istituto Italiano di Cultura

I samarbete med : Ambasciata Italiana in Svezia, ICE, ENIT

Inträde : avgift


Bokmässan, Mässans gata 10, Göteborg