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Göteborg Book-fair - Sunday, September 29



Göteborg Book-fair - Sunday, September 29

Sunday 29th, 10:00-10:45

"Italians of the Elsewhere: stories of the Historical Linguistic Minorities in Italy" (ENG)

Italy recognizes 12 Historical Linguistic Minorities, cultures of non-Italian languages, which have been variously settled and integrated into the national territory throughout history. Today they are an essential part of our identity as Italians. The project “Gli Italiani dell’Altrove – Italians of the Elsewhere” is aimed to underline the historical and contemporary reality of the Italian Historical Linguistic Minorities, with their intangible cultural heritage. Elena Federica Marini presents the book “Popoli senza frontiere. Cibi e riti delle minoranze storiche d’Italia” (Slow Food Editore, 2016). This is the result of a project that explains the cultural and gastronomical heritage of Italian Historical Linguistic Minorities through essays and photo-documents. Claudia Marchesoni presents “De Graustana va Kisereck: Fiaba della narrazione popolare trentina” and “Celebrating minorities: Ladini, Cimbri e Mòcheni del Trentino”.

Speakers: Elena Federica Marini and Claudia Marchesoni. In collaboration with Istituto Centrale per la Demoetnoantropologia.


Sunday 29th, 11:00-11:45

"Buon appetito! Italian Sunday lunch" (SV)

Dagens Nyheter's correspondent from Italy Peter Loewe and Göteborg-based chef Robert Maglia talk about their experience with the Italian culinary tradition. Peter Loewe presents his book "Rom for foodisar", (Rome for Food-lovers), a tribute to the roman trattorias and the dishes that one can taste in these typical restaurants. Robert Maglia presents "Italienska desserter" (Italian desserts) and "Italienska klassiker" (Italian classics), that he wrote with Bo Hagström. They are the first parts of an ongoing trilogy devoted to Italian cuisine. 

Speakers: Peter Loewe (journalist) and Robert Maglia (chef). 


Sunday 29th, 12.00-12.45


Italy – A land on the border

Edge” is a concept that can be declined in different ways. It can mean a precarious position of danger and risk, “living on the edge”, but also a keen excitement that may lead to great changes. Italy has often seemed to be shifting between these two particular balance situations. Also, Italy is a country with a very special “edge”, a boarder that is mostly represented by the Mediterranean Sea.

Beppe Severgnini (IT), columnist for Il corriere della Sera and The New York Times and author of many essays, and Peter Loewe (SV), the correspondent from Italy for Dagens Nyheter, will try to map out where Italy is heading to.

Speakers: Beppe Severgnini (journalist), Peter Loewe (journalist), Kristina Kappelin (journalist). 


Data: sö 29 sep 2019

Tid: Från 09:00 till 17:00

Arrangeras av : Istituto Italiano di Cultura

I samarbete med : Ambasciata Italiana in Svezia, ICE, ENIT

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Bokmässan, Mässans gata 10, Göteborg