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Södertälje konsthall - Elena Mazzi, Silver rights



Södertälje konsthall - Elena Mazzi, Silver rights


a project by Elena Mazzi in dialogue with Mauro Millán and Eduardo Molinari

Södertälje konsthallSödertälje konsthall, 20.8 - 2.10 2021


During a journey to Patagonia Elena Mazzi became aware of the museum of Leleque, an anthropological museum belonging to and created by the Benetton family that describes the Mapuche people in mythological ways. This works to make them seem as if they are a people of the past rather than an active agent in the telling of their own, contemporary and historical culture. In the installation that we encounter in Södertälje konsthall the museum of Leleque becomes a symbol of colonial vestiges and we are given the opportunity to understand how naively, and unknowingly villain certain elements of contemporary culture and businesses perform an ongoing colonization of people, sites and cultures.

SILVER RIGHTS stems from the many layers of corporate and cultural hypocrisy that Elena Mazzi encountered during an artistic endeavor in Treviso, a city that is also the home of a clothing company branded as “The United Colors of Benetton”. While working in Treviso Elena became aware of the fact that the design company funded many of the city’s cultural institutions, bringing forth a strong socio-political message but also a heavy dependency upon one corporate entity whose mandate and mission was as driven by economic growth as it was around a possible future guided by multiculturalism. This might not have become an issue if it had not been for the fact that the clothing company was at the time, involved in an extensive lawsuit around land use in the region of Patagonia.

SILVER RIGHTS uses oral tradition in alignment with the tradition of the Mapuche people, but through the latest technology of sound and in a rigorous, written and performed intellectual discourse. The accompanying jewels and flags that have been made for the exhibition stand in direct relationship with the visual imagery of Mapuche culture, suggesting that western culture is welcome to share the sacred symbols of indigenous people and cultures, and should not shy away from an active dialogue with past and present practices.


Curated by: Emanuele Guidi and Joanna Sandell.

The exhibition is open August 20 – October 2, 2021.

Opening hours: Thu, Fri, Sat 12-16.

Please make an appointment if you want to see the exhibition on other times.

Location: Södertälje konsthall, Storgatan 15, Lunagallerian plan 2.


Photo Credits: Silver Rights, Elena Mazzi, in dialogue with Mauro Millán exhibition view, ©ar/ge kunst, photo Tiberio Sorvillo, 2021


Data: Da Ven 20 Ago 2021 a Sab 2 Ott 2021

Orario: Dalle 12:00 alle 16:00

Organizzato da : Södertälje konsthall

In collaborazione con : Italienska kulturinstitutet Stockholm

Ingresso : A pagamento


Södertälje konsthall, Storgatan 15, Lunagallerian